Options for Returning Young Raptors to the Wild

Every effort to reunite a raptor family is unique. There are so many variables—the height of the nest, the condition of the nest tree, the age of the juvenile, the presence or absence of other siblings, the length of time the juvenile has been separated from its family. Successful reuniting requires a flexible, ‘can-do’ approach that looks for Plans B and C if Plan A fails. Here are some of the options commonly used by wildlife rehabilitators. Don’t forget that this is an overview of options. Detailed information on all of the techniques discussed is provided in Calls of the Wild, Using Recorded Calls and Other Tools to Reunite Juvenile and Adult Raptors, by Anne G. Miller, which is available from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.  Click here for more information.

Young Nestling Barred Owls


Options for Nestlings

Options for Older Juveniles