Learning Resources for Reuniting Raptors

The information on this website is from the handbook, Calls of the Wild, Using Recorded Calls and Other Tools to Reunite Juvenile and Adult Raptors, by Anne G. Miller, which is available from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association www.nwrawildlife.org.

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Calls of the Wild provides a detailed introduction to reuniting and fostering juvenile raptors of all stages of development. The handbook also contains the photographs, species profiles, and the successful (and unsuccessful) case histories for each of the featured species. These case histories give you real-life situations and methods to help you decide whether or not the bird you are trying to help can safely be reunited.

Coming in January, 2012

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

On-line Course on Reuniting Wildlife

Instructor:  Anne G. Miller

This website is intended to help wildlife rehabilitators deal with emergency situations.  If you’re going to reunite raptors, you need to learn more.  Thanks to the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, I will be offering an on-line course on Reuniting Raptors, beginning in January, 2012.

Click here for detailed information about the course and how to register.