Case Histories Wanted

Nestling Barred Owl in replacement nest

There is always more to learn about reuniting raptors.  Every case teaches us something valuable.  Whenever you reunite or foster a raptor, please keep detailed records, and take lots of photos, and send us your case histories to be added to this archive.  Unsuccessful cases are as valuable as successful ones.  We need to learn what to look out for, or maybe, how to handle a situation differently. We’ll be glad to credit you, and your experience will help other wildlife rehabilitators and many other young raptors, for years to come. Be sure to include this information about any case you wish to submit:

  • Age and species of the juvenile raptor
  • Description of where and how it was found
  • Cause of separation (nest tree cut down, storm, etc.)
  • How long after separation did you receive the bird?
  • Had it received any previous care?  If so, what?
  • How long was the bird away from its parents before you reunited?
  • How did you reunite?  Or foster?
  • What follow-up monitoring did you do to verify that the reunion was successful?

Send your case histories and photographs to me at:

Thanks for helping with the Reuniting Raptors Campaign!