About Anne Miller

Hi, I’m Anne Miller, from Birmingham, Alabama.  As founder and Executive Director of a wildlife rehabilitation center for over 30 years, I gradually realized that a great many of the healthy baby animals we admitted were not really orphans.  I spent many hours in the field, sometimes watching all night, reuniting young animals with their parents, and observing their behavior. My years of caring for wildlife, working especially with raptors, helped me understand the deep bonds between wild animals and their young.   Now I’m trying to help other wildlife rehabilitators reunite as many young birds as possible.

(Above) Anne G. Miller with Coosa, a non-releasable Barred Owl

Anne Miller founded Alabama’s first wildlife rehabilitation program in 1977 as an all-volunteer, home-based organization.  During her thirty years of leadership, the organization grew to become the Alabama Wildlife Center at Oak Mountain State Park, near Birmingham, Alabama, caring for more than 2,500 animals of over 100 species annually.  As a pioneer wildlife rehabilitator, Anne has been reuniting and fostering juvenile raptors and other species of wildlife for over 25 years.  She retired as Executive Director of the Center in 2008, but continues her career in research, writing, and speaking, focusing on her special interest in reuniting and fostering young wild creatures as an alternative to captive rearing. Her publications include Calls of the Wild, Using Recorded Calls and Other Tools to Reunite Juvenile and Adult Raptors, a publication of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.

Anne Miller caring for an injured Peregrine Falcon at her home in 1977.