American Kestrel (Case History #4)

Fledgling Kestrel returned to parents in empty hangar at General Aviation Airport in Albertville, Alabama

Two young fledgling kestrels were discovered on the ground inside an empty hangar at the Albertville airport.  The juveniles appeared healthy and energetic, and there was no reason to remove them from the area.  Recorded Kestrel alarm calls played outside the hangar produced sightings of the adult birds, confirming the decision to leave the birds alone.  However, the huge hangar offered no scope for placing the juveniles in a safe location above ground, and the fledglings were too restless to accept confinement in a nest box.  Since the hangar was not in use, and airport personnel were well-disposed, it was decided to leave the Kestrels on the ground.   Amanda Glover, a Wildlife Center volunteer from Albertville, kept an eye on the fledglings over the following weeks, and reported that the juveniles moved freely around the hangar on foot, and even came out onto the grassy area outside the hangar. They began actively flying about a week later.

Amanda Glover outside the empty hangar inhabited by the juvenile Kestrels


Kestrel habitat at the Albertville Airport

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