American Kestrel (Case History #3)

Fledgling Kestrels returned to parents at the Birmingham Airport

Airports, with their open fields and large buildings, provide ideal habitat for Kestrels, and the Alabama Wildlife Center gets frequent calls about fledging mishaps at the Birmingham Airport.  In the summer of 2005, we received downed fledglings from hangars on two different sides of the airport at about the same time.  Since both birds were healthy, I took both of them back to their nest areas a few days later.  In the noisy surroundings, a Kestrel alarm call was found to be more effective than food- begging calls, and as soon as an adult Kestrel was spotted, each juvenile was released into thick shrubbery adjacent to the hangars.

(Above) Kestrel Habitat at the Birmingham Airport

One of the Kestrel nests was somewhere in the fabric of this building

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