American Kestrel (Case History #2)

Fledgling Kestrel returned to parents at Hanna Steel Plant

Two newly-fledged Kestrels were noticed by workmen at the Hanna Steel Plant in Birmingham, Alabama.  The young birds were spending most of their time perched on a hand rail just outside a huge open building at the plant, occasionally retreating to a pile of scrap wood just inside the open door of the building.  Their nest had undoubtedly been located in a drain pipe or other cavity high overhead.  The workmen brought the juveniles to the Wildlife Center, fearing that the parents were dead.  The birds were examined and found to be healthy and well-fed, and they were immediately returned to their preferred roost.  Since this incident occurred before the development of the recordings, I waited at a distance to make sure the juveniles were being fed.  After an hour or two, an adult Kestrel approached the birds with food.  Once the workmen understood that the Kestrels were not in danger, they agreed to leave them alone.

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