Red-Shouldered Hawk (Case #2)

Brancher returned to nest territory

A healthy, young brancher Red-shouldered Hawk was found on the ground in a suburb of Birmingham. This was in 2002, when we were first exploring the use of the recorded calls. The juvenile was extremely vocal, and we were able to get a good recording of his alarm calls, even with our primitive tape recorder, which was the only equipment we had at the time. We were eager to test the recording when we returned the juvenile to the exact location where it had been found. Unfortunately for our experiment, we never had a chance to try the recording. As soon as we took the young hawk out of the traveling box, it began to make a piercing alarm call. Seconds later one of the adult birds swooped in to the yard, and perched overhead in full view while Tim  Leopard climbed a tree and placed the noisy brancher on a secure perch.

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