Broad-Winged Hawk (Case #2)

Brancher Broad-Winged Hawk is substituted for injured juvenile of the same age

A young brancher Broad-winged Hawk was found standing in the driveway of a suburban home in Cahaba Heights, a suburb of Birmingham on June 21, 2006.  When I went to the home to scout the area, the nest was immediately visible in a large tree next to the driveway.   Unfortunately, the juvenile turned out to be suffering from injuries requiring medical treatment. A healthy juvenile Broad-wing of the same age from Tuscaloosa County was received June 20, and could not be reunited because we could not locate its nest site.  Raptor Intern Jessie Leonard tested this juvenile in a nest basket in a flight cage, and the bird refused to stay in the nest basket, but perched well on a nearby branch. Jessie arranged to meet tree climber David McClain at the nest site in Cahaba Heights, and he placed the young broad-wing on a high branch near the nest. The adult Broad-wings could be seen flying high overhead, and another juvenile was observed perched on a branch in the same tree.  The homeowner later reported that both juveniles were doing well.

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