Barred Owl (Case History #6)

Hatchling returned to original nest after crow attack

A tiny hatchling was found on the ground at another residence in Leeds. The finders reported that the bird had been knocked out of the nest cavity by crows. The nest tree was a large deciduous tree, and the nest was located in a fork in the trunk about 20 feet above ground level. The mother owl was at the nest, and only left when volunteer tree climber Tim Leopard placed a ladder against the tree.  The hatchling was placed in a camera bag and gently raised to the nest, which was nothing but a shallow depression in the fork of the tree. There was an egg in the nest, but no other nestlings. The mother owl watched from a nearby tree and returned to the nest as soon as Tim removed the ladder.  The homeowners reported later that the juvenile fledged successfully.

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