Eastern Screech Owl (Case History #4)

Restless Brancher Screech Owl rejoins family with another restless brancher

The original tree where the brancher was using the ivy to climb the tree after jumping to the ground.  The row of small trees where the orphaned brancher from Wilsonville was released (Case 5) can be seen along the fence in the back ground.  

A brancher Screech Owl was found on the front porch of a home in Cahaba Heights, a suburb of Birmingham.  The bird was brought to the Wildlife Center, and found to be perfectly healthy. The following day the bird was returned to the grounds of the home, late in the afternoon.  Raptor volunteer Linda Horton observed another juvenile in a large tree not far from the porch.  As she watched, this second juvenile left the tree and hopped to the ground. A few minutes later, it managed to hop and claw its way back up into the tree, although it could not yet fly. Linda placed the other brancher on a low branch, and  observed from a distance. Both birds were obviously restless and determined to explore their surroundings. Even though they could not yet fly, these birds were highly mobile, and it would have been pointless to attempt to return them to the original nest cavity or place them in a nest box.

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